Sunday, May 25, 2008

Last published April 28…

… so by my reckoning that's nearly a month. Not good if you want to be seen as a blog with a talking point. Blame the trawl for a GTA, and then not enough time to put the damn thing on.
The week of launch I thought I'd just bowl down my nearest Gamestation and get it. Wrong idea, buddy. Eight shops in one lunch hour and not one of them had it. One online order with Game later and it was with me within a week, but parental commitments meant I couldn't play it for about a week. Yeah, tell me about it.
So far I've played the darts, a spot of pool, bought clothes, fired a gun, stun punched, heard Queen, tasted Hot Coffee, bowled, been barked at by Americans online about how my country's only about 'the Queen and David Beckham', admired the poor sound quality of GTA IV, taken the train, failed to master the handbrake turn and not got enough of it. Yet.
The sheer size of the beast is going to be enough to keep me coming back for months. Call of Duty 4's sitting their, having just dropped a grenade to nail me when I go to put it on next. I'll be back, soldier, I'll be back.
Elsewhere in my gaming world, The Phantom Hourglass has had a short blast and I've been scouring eBay for some gems. Quite why, I don't know. It's the complete collectivist in me, if there is such a phrase.
With the arrival of the creaky-joints-but-still-new Indy, my mind cast me back the other day to LucasArts' Fate of Atlantis game on Amiga. The ones with the password wheel. Or was that The Secret of Monkey Island 2?
I remembered fondly jetting around continents, chatting to some bloke outside a pyramid, or outside this door to a house somewhere in Spain, I think. Memories on a postcard, please…
If anyone is reading this, what do you think about GTA? And what's on your gaming list at the moment?
P.S. Blame Arrested Development for my lack of action in Liberty City.