Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's been a week, which is too long not to blog. So I'm back blogging again. The PS2 I was playing is now back with my brother-in-law, so after completing 12 hours of 24, Jack Bauer hasn't saved the world. I'm a loser. So there's now a big hole under my TV where the PS2 was. About big enough for a 360 or those tiny little Wiis.
What did I do at the weekend? Well I checked out the Wii and the 360. I'm actually gonna have my first taste of the 360 at the weekend. I seriously can't wait.
I picked up A Link To The Past for the first time in over a year. Christ knows where I was but I know I needed the Magic Cape, and I'm missing a key to get to the big boss in Misery Mire. Fucking hell, will I ever finish this game?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Wii-Box(TM) fund is going well. Over £30 after my recent flirt with eBay, though some shit wanted to buy one of my games, so I took the listing off. Now they won't get in touch. Thanks mate, thanks a bunch. Do you know how much next-gen is hurting me, laughing it's ass off in HMV while I go around looking at DS games like Scooby-Doo and Pok√©mon?
24: The Game did my head in for about two hours on Friday night. I had to resort to the loser's way to finish a game. I think I'm up to some mission with Chase or something, about 12 hours in so half way there.
I also clocked into another blog, in fact one run by Chris Kohler, a nice guy who used to do some freelance writing for us when I used to edit that games magazine I told you about on my first blog. It appears that over in the States they are giving you free money for an old NIntendo DS. This could really help my cause!
Anyway, back to the reminiscing. After Donkey Kong Game & Watch and Invader 1000 came Mario Cement Factory. A multiscreen Game & Watch, with Mario and Luigi racing up and down ladders to complete parcels in their factory. You filled up the van at the top of the screen and it actually drove away. OFF THE SCREEN with EXHAUST FUMES TRAILING AFTER IT. And Mario/Luigi did this mental grin as they threw the completed box onto the van. Mint.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

There's a new game I can't wait for on PSP - EA Replay or something. It's got Road Rash and Desert Strike on it. Two quality games from the early 90s. I need me a copy of that. No update on my 24 fun, and my Wii-Box fund is now £1 heavier. Great stuff.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm £2 nearer my Wii-Box fund. Viewtiful Joe and Dead To Rights are so far sitting on a £1 each, and they will sell on eBay.
In the mean time I found a picture of Invader 1000, the second game I ever played after Striker. I've still not found a picture of that football game, I just remember it had two teams - one orange and one blue - with a red bulb on the pitch as the ball. You just used the directional buttons and then hit shoot to go for goal or save a shot. I'm still trying to find a picture of Striker so if anyone can help, post a comment!
So what have I been playing this weekend? I've been playing as Jack Bauer in 24: The Game. I LOVE 24, and although the driving sections are awful and the shooting section are a little hit and miss, it's not a bad effort. But when they made the game they must have thought 'you're a government agent so the shooting sections must be spot on'. Except they're not. You can be inches from death and just can't lock on when the enemy is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Rubbish. And if you haven't got a clue what 24 is, get involved. It's the best programme on TV. You can stick Lost, Desperate Housewives and EastEnders up your arse. Start your obssession .

Saturday, January 13, 2007

I need a Wii. That's so not original that it isn't funny, but I need a Wii or a 360. Christ knows how I'm gonna do it with a baby due in three-and-a-half months, but that's where eBay is gonna come in.
I've thrown a load of shit Nintendo games on there tonight see what I get. I may even flog my PSP and the games I've got for it. For now though you can check out one of 'em here. Talking of eBay though I spotted this earlier tonight. Remember that from The Wizard starring that bloke from The Wonder Years and the last Austin Powers film? And it's going for quick a bit of money as well. An investment? Maybe, but that will just junk up my house. So far, I've got eight things on eBay with more to come. It's gonna be a hard slog to that 360…
I read yesterday that Nintendo are saying that the Wii is selling more now than when it launched. Fair play to 'em. I saw an ad for Wario Ware Smooth Moves this morning, with four women playing. It certainly looks like fun and the advert showed they are trying to push it into the hards of all the non-geeks out there. Zelda looks mint though. Maybe not quite as mouth-watering as Pro Evo online via an Xbox, but I can't deny my Nintendo roots. I need to play as Link again. I even picked up Minish Cap on my GBA the other day just to feel the love. Christ knows what I was meant to be doing but it was sweet.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Press Start To Continue

Another blog, another bloody boring blog. This isn't different to any other nobody trying to out-blog everyone else's blog. And they're all full of pretentious statements at the start just to make you want to read on.
This blog is all about my love for games. I used to edit a games magazine here in the UK. Now I do something completely different, but I had a great time on that magazine. Some quality times. Some horrible ones too, which I might bring myself to tell you about one day. This year I'm gonna tell you everything I can remember about my eight-and-a-bit years writing, playing and, occasionally, editing Nintendo stuff. The games we loved, the games which were deplorable and the ones I still haven't finished. Don't worry, there's plenty of them.
My earliest Nintendo memory - my orange Donkey Kong Game & Watch. Two screens, with Mario jumping barrels (I thought they were bombs at first!), trying not to get clobbered on girders and flicking that switch so he could fire-up the crane to reach the key and send the lubbering ape crashing to his death. After 300, if you didn't lose a life, it went apeshit. My record was 1,324. That's probably a lie. But it was mint and I was hooked.
For fans of the game you can get a T-shirt of it at this incredible Japanese game T-shirts website King of Games. You can also read more about my first love over here at Game & It goes for about £15-£20 on eBay. I might have to raid the piggybank to re-live the love and watch Princess Peach blow those kisses at me all over again.