Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm £2 nearer my Wii-Box fund. Viewtiful Joe and Dead To Rights are so far sitting on a £1 each, and they will sell on eBay.
In the mean time I found a picture of Invader 1000, the second game I ever played after Striker. I've still not found a picture of that football game, I just remember it had two teams - one orange and one blue - with a red bulb on the pitch as the ball. You just used the directional buttons and then hit shoot to go for goal or save a shot. I'm still trying to find a picture of Striker so if anyone can help, post a comment!
So what have I been playing this weekend? I've been playing as Jack Bauer in 24: The Game. I LOVE 24, and although the driving sections are awful and the shooting section are a little hit and miss, it's not a bad effort. But when they made the game they must have thought 'you're a government agent so the shooting sections must be spot on'. Except they're not. You can be inches from death and just can't lock on when the enemy is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Rubbish. And if you haven't got a clue what 24 is, get involved. It's the best programme on TV. You can stick Lost, Desperate Housewives and EastEnders up your arse. Start your obssession .

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