Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's been a week, which is too long not to blog. So I'm back blogging again. The PS2 I was playing is now back with my brother-in-law, so after completing 12 hours of 24, Jack Bauer hasn't saved the world. I'm a loser. So there's now a big hole under my TV where the PS2 was. About big enough for a 360 or those tiny little Wiis.
What did I do at the weekend? Well I checked out the Wii and the 360. I'm actually gonna have my first taste of the 360 at the weekend. I seriously can't wait.
I picked up A Link To The Past for the first time in over a year. Christ knows where I was but I know I needed the Magic Cape, and I'm missing a key to get to the big boss in Misery Mire. Fucking hell, will I ever finish this game?

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