Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Wii-Box(TM) fund is going well. Over £30 after my recent flirt with eBay, though some shit wanted to buy one of my games, so I took the listing off. Now they won't get in touch. Thanks mate, thanks a bunch. Do you know how much next-gen is hurting me, laughing it's ass off in HMV while I go around looking at DS games like Scooby-Doo and Pokémon?
24: The Game did my head in for about two hours on Friday night. I had to resort to the loser's way to finish a game. I think I'm up to some mission with Chase or something, about 12 hours in so half way there.
I also clocked into another blog, in fact one run by Chris Kohler, a nice guy who used to do some freelance writing for us when I used to edit that games magazine I told you about on my first blog. It appears that over in the States they are giving you free money for an old NIntendo DS. This could really help my cause!
Anyway, back to the reminiscing. After Donkey Kong Game & Watch and Invader 1000 came Mario Cement Factory. A multiscreen Game & Watch, with Mario and Luigi racing up and down ladders to complete parcels in their factory. You filled up the van at the top of the screen and it actually drove away. OFF THE SCREEN with EXHAUST FUMES TRAILING AFTER IT. And Mario/Luigi did this mental grin as they threw the completed box onto the van. Mint.

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