Friday, January 12, 2007

Press Start To Continue

Another blog, another bloody boring blog. This isn't different to any other nobody trying to out-blog everyone else's blog. And they're all full of pretentious statements at the start just to make you want to read on.
This blog is all about my love for games. I used to edit a games magazine here in the UK. Now I do something completely different, but I had a great time on that magazine. Some quality times. Some horrible ones too, which I might bring myself to tell you about one day. This year I'm gonna tell you everything I can remember about my eight-and-a-bit years writing, playing and, occasionally, editing Nintendo stuff. The games we loved, the games which were deplorable and the ones I still haven't finished. Don't worry, there's plenty of them.
My earliest Nintendo memory - my orange Donkey Kong Game & Watch. Two screens, with Mario jumping barrels (I thought they were bombs at first!), trying not to get clobbered on girders and flicking that switch so he could fire-up the crane to reach the key and send the lubbering ape crashing to his death. After 300, if you didn't lose a life, it went apeshit. My record was 1,324. That's probably a lie. But it was mint and I was hooked.
For fans of the game you can get a T-shirt of it at this incredible Japanese game T-shirts website King of Games. You can also read more about my first love over here at Game & It goes for about £15-£20 on eBay. I might have to raid the piggybank to re-live the love and watch Princess Peach blow those kisses at me all over again.

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Eddz said...

Don't you miss your days working at NOM? I met you at Nintendo's EGN/Gamestars Live booth a while back, but you seemed a bit distracted. I'm not surprised though, you must have been off your feet most of the time!