Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kylie Minogue isn't a good thing for my Xbox. Her show's just been on itv, and with Match of the Day due on at 11 I could only get 25 minutes in of CoD4.

Still, it was enough 'cos the TV room I mentioned yesterday was a pain in the arse to get through. And you want to know why? Respawning troops. Until I got past 'that' particular point in the room did they stop charging in through the back door in their droves. You know the kind of thing I mean. As soon as I was past it, took down the last couple of goons and it was onto the end of the level. Funnily enough, the bad guy I'm looking for Al-Asam Abad or something, wasn't at the TV studio. My intel was wrong. It was a recording of him. The plot trucks on, and I've got more shooting to do downtown.

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