Friday, February 01, 2008

Robotron 2?

Last night I lost track of the time playing Call of Duty 4. I'm knackered today, but I feel relieved that I unlocked some new guns and cammo. The bug has bitten me again.
Before I sunk into a world of guns 'n' ammo I actually managed to download Undertow and Sensible Soccer trial games off XBLA. Anyone who reads this blog may remember my delight at the arrival of Sensi. The trial game pitted my Albania side against Switzerland and I lost 2-1, yet the free-flowing game of the 90s was great to enjoy again.
I spent about five minutes on Undertow and I'll probably return to it this weekend. Put simply it seems like a Robotron underwater as you blast enemies and grab power-ups, using both sticks to aim and fire. A difficult thing to get my head around, but once mastered I'm sure it'll be a joy.
Elsewhere I noticed that Wii Mario Kart is going cheap at on preorder and I also splashed out on a POW T-shirt from While I was hoping for a sweet Chunk-style piece of thread, it was the usual T-shirt press print, but it made me feel like a king playing CoD4 last night.
So what will I be enjoying this weekend? Swimming with my son, a night on the tiles (the first one with my wife since our son was born last May - thank you in-laws!) and a book sale on Sunday for the missus. See you online!

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BadgerGravling said...

Undertow is OK, and better in co-op. Although in split screen, you need a rather large TV unless you sit 2 inches from the screen...

I'm still loving CoD4, and determined to finish it in single player on Veteran. So far, every choke point has been defeatable eventually by a combination of different techniques, and trying things 100 times until I eventually make it.