Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New balls please

Taking a look over at my Favourite New Website, DS Fanboy, today I noticed the guys over there have a few new screenshots of Sega Superstars Tennis.
Tennis games aren't new. I mean, can ANYONE beat the likes of Super Tennis on the SNES or Virtua Tennis? Back in my time on Nintendo Magazine Mario Tennis rolled up onto the N64. At the time it was awesome, but looking back on it I don't think it was quite the classic everyone was talking about. What I DO remember is that we got told to shut up by a journo on a bike magazine we used to work next to as we were screaming like girls as Yoshi hammered a baseline winner down the line.
What was wrong with Mario Tennis wasn't the actual mechanics of being a tennis game. That it was very good at. What wrecked it was the usual Nintendo take on things - power shots you could only pull off using button combos, weapons fuzzing about the place and even a court suspended a lava pit that tilted as you ran across the baseline. Not good.
But this Sega Superstars Tennis preview got me thinking. By the looks of the screenshots there will be the usual crazy power-up shots, but what about the characters? Of course there's Sonic, Tails and that skater dude from forgotten Dreamcast classic, Jet Set Radio.
But that got me thinking. Why don't they include some classic Sega characters that aren't the usual frontline stars? What about the headbutting green Gimli from Golden Axe smacking a smash into the corner or one of those Super Hang On motorbike dudes - you could be your own Stig from Top Gear! What else? What about Billy Hatcher rolling around on his Giant Egg? You have gotta hand it to Sega though at least they've included Aiai from Super Monkey Ball. One of the most criminally forgotten titles on GameCube. Maybe of all-time.

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