Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ranting Round-Up

The 360 is back up and running, Call of Duty 4 has had a good workout tonight, and now it's the turn of the blog.
So, what have I been doing of late, here's the run down:

1. Finding my way around
I'm sick of having one enormous list of bookmarks. The Mac bookmark bar is handy, but limited, so I've turned to to store them in one place. I'll be able to access this while not at work (where I do most of my bookmarking) and will hopefully be able to start linking other games blogs to mine. Let's see if we can get a few people reading this rubbish.

2. Online gold
Well, I've found Xbox Fanboy and Wii Fanboy, so top writing that will give me the lowdown on the latest in 360 and Nintendoland. nearly got a purchase out of me until an old Nintendo Official Magazine colleague of mine said I could borrow Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.
CD Wow also nearly got a purchase out of me for NEW Super Mario Bros. I'm starting to feel the warm glow of Nintendo once again!
So too did eBay for some Xbox classics. Not 360, but some of the earlier titles that are going for peanuts. I think I'm gonna try my hand to Prince of Persia. I loved the original on my Amstrad (which you can now download from Xbox Arcade) and I've heard it's the tits so I think I'm gonna be grabbing that soon.

3. Missing classic TV
I love ER. Always have. I didn't know the new series had started on Channel 4 and I was too late for Channel 4 +1. Channel 4 OD doesn't work on Macs. Disaster. Why the hell don't video players not work on Macs? I mean, COME ON! You bang on about it on your website and on TV, yet it doesn't work on Macs. I despair. I don't have time to read a TV guide. Why doesn't someone send me news alerts to my mobile or desktop for my favourite TV show? Does anyone, for free? Or better yet allow me to spin back just 40 minutes on my Freeview box to start recording from the start of the show.

4. Blitzing LoveFilm
I've ordered the classics - Godfather, Chariots of Fire. I've got recent gems for the missus - Becoming Jane and comedy for me - 40-Year-Old Virgin, Evan Almighty and Family Guy Blue Harvest on order. It's £12 a month. If I went down to Blockbuster I'd have spent that on about three DVDs, and would have had to return them within two days. Now I can order online, they arrive, I can keep them for as long as I want and send them back for free. It's in Peterborough too. This place is good for something!


BadgerGravling said...

I actually posted some tips on Making better the other day:

The bundle tool, and being able to file stuff so easily, and bundle it together, is is the subscriptions feature...

CoD4 is definitely one of the best FPS games around - shame there's no co-op, but what can you do? The only really odd thing is the lack of achievements for multiplayer - and the fact that Veteran mode sometimes turns into a lottery of trying to get past a chokepoint 50 different ways, and then somehow fluking it with no real clue why...

BadgerGravling said...

Should have used TinyURL...