Friday, January 11, 2008

Power to the Pikmin

Nintendogs, quite rightly, was one of the cutest games to grace the Big N's consoles in recent years. But they're dogs, and puppy versions of dogs. Of course it's going to be cute and get females into gaming, if they hadn't already been succumbed by the likes of Yoshi, Baby Mario, etc.
But before the dogs, GameCube created some classic cuties, unfortunately now forgotten. One was called Pikmin, created by the genius of Mr Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, and saw alien dudes with flowers coming out of their heads helping a stranded astronaut called Captain Olimar - almost an anagram of Mario, but not quite. Using their different colours (some couldn't swim, other burnt to a horrible death in contact with fire) they were your army trying to find the pieces of Olimar's ship and send him packing.
And now they're the new stars in the latest edition of Super Smash Bros - Dojo - on Wii.

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