Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Big Mac Attack

Ronald McDonald's crazy clown grin has turned into a frown. That's because Steve Easterbrook, chief executive of McDonald's UK, reckons the obesity problem among the nation's youth is down to a variety of things, especially gaming.
In an interview on The Times website, Easterbrook said: "I don’t know who is to blame. The issue of obesity is complex and is absolutely one our society is facing, there’s no denial about that, but if you break it down I think there’s an education piece: how can we better communicate to individuals the importance of a balanced diet and taking care of themselves? Then there’s a lifestyle element: there’s fewer green spaces and kids are sat home playing computer games on the TV when in the past they’d have been burning off energy outside."
It's interesting comment and as I've said before on this blog gaming should be part of an active lifestyle, for all ages. Just as we should all have balanced diets and not grubbing up on chips, pizza and beer all the time.
Parents shouldn't use consoles as the easy option to keep kids amused, but at the same time why not let them enjoy some time each week to enjoy their Wii, Xbox, DS or PlayStation? As long as they are active in the swimming pool, on the football pitch or simply playing in the garden, and that it doesn't affect their education, then I don't see a problem with it.
The irony is that McDonald's have games on their website.

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