Wednesday, January 21, 2009


No, not the ace snowboarding game that rocked on the N64. The 360 is now back downstairs in my front room, on the HD TV with 1080p. Playing FIFA 09 last night ensured that the Xbox has been No Nailed to the TV unit. It's never going back. Now I don't know what to start playing, or downloading. An old colleague of mine said Left 4 Dead is amazing in co-op.
First things first though, and that's to see what's downloadable at the moment. Even my missus wondered what she can play. I mentioned Bomberman, and she said she remembered that from years ago. Anyone got any other suggestions for female-friendly multiplayer gaming?
What I do know is that this DS game sounds amazing for Nintendo's little wonder. Quite why I want it I don't know, especially considering I've never finished GTA IV on the 360.

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