Thursday, January 15, 2009


For all those who read this, a belated happy New Year to you all.
Gaming over Christmas consisted of a few matches of FIFA 09 when my Live connection survived long enough, and playing my way through the Be A Pro mode as Southend. I’m currently sitting second in League 1. I’m also a third of the way through Gears of War and am up to the level where you have to shoot the petrol cans to light your path. It’s probably been a while since anyone can remember that game! My missus has been enjoying Brain Training, and I was also hammered by my niece on Wii Sports Bowling.
My downloads have consisted of the Street Fighter IV trailer, which looks sweet, and I’ll also be checking out Resi 5 when the demo’s released a week on Monday. GameLife has the full story here.
IGN reckon the DSi is heading to US stores on April 4 for $180/£123. Full rumour after the jump and GTA V is expected very soon.

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