Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Down the market

Work’s been pretty busy over the last few weeks, so that’s why the blog posts have dried up. But today was a great day.
A new colleague has joined the magazine where I work, and he’s mad on Master System games, so we took a trip to Peterborough’s indoor market to check out what retro gear they had.
I didn’t hold out much hope when the outside of the unit was all blacked out, but a spin around the corner revealed a retro gamer’s delight.
My mate picked up Ninja Gaiden for a fiver, but decided against a copy of Rastan. Boxed copies of Ocarina of Time, Glover and the forgotten puzzle classic on the N64, Wetrix, were at shin-height. Safe to say we’ll be down there again to see what other delights this little emporium reveals over the coming weeks. If you know of a games stall in the Cambridgeshire/Midlands area of the UK then let me know!

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