Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Games take a backseat (for a while)

I haven't switched on my Xbox for about three months to play a game. It's been switched on to watch Cars, Bob The Builder and In The Night Garden. That's what a two-year-old son does to you. Even The Wire doesn't get much of a look in these days as I'm too knackered by 10pm to think about putting it on. But I wouldn't swap this for the world - the little man can watch all the Cars he wants. Just wait until I take him to see Toy Story 3 next year. Shit the sheets that's gonna be awesome.
Anyway, back to games. So, the Xbox isn't getting much of a go, but what is? Professor Layton was good for about a week's holiday and I got that 100 Famous Novels On A Cart thing for Father's Day the other month, but all I've read so far is a bit of Edgar Poe.
The rest of my evenings have been writing a football facts book for work, which has taken about four months of hard graft to compile. You can see more about it over at Tesco Entertainment Take a look, every little helps.
So, the rest of my blogging year will be all about Harry's growing up and my lack of gaming. Today we went for a walk after work to look for a blue cat with blue paws and blue whiskers. I thought something out of a Miyazaki film was going to jump us. Kids are cool, aren't they?

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