Friday, August 28, 2009

Cat Song

'Daddy! Cat song please' - right there the asks of son to dad began. Fast forward a few years and I'll be asked to give a lift to a friend's house, or drop Harry off with his girlfriend at the cinema.
Problem was I had no idea what the Cat Song was. I thought it was on a Disney nursery rhymes CD we bought Harry a couple of weeks ago. I was spinning between Looby Loo and some stupid song about having cherry pie for a snack (A SNACK!) while negotiating rush hour. I never found the Cat Song. I had the wrong CD on. It's the Aristocats song which was on another Disney CD, Bev told me. Stupid daddy. Thank god there wasn't a tantrum. Unlike when I went a different way to mother-in-law (MIL)'s house yesterday morning.
Y'see MIL lives about a ten-minute drive from us and there are two routes there. If I go one way, I know Harry will want to go the other way as that's the route he goes with Bev. Go the other way and Harry will want to go the other way. Confused? Yeah so am I. I just turn up the Disney CD and eat my humble cherry pie.

On the gaming front I'm well into Madden NFL 10. I got dicked the other night 42-6. I even missed an extra point with the Dolphins. But I love Madden, always have. Stupidly I tried to go online with it again last night, but moved the 360 when it was on, causing that horrible noise that means my disc is scratched beyond repair. No Madden for me until I get the disc sorted out. Gutted. At least there was a 5-0 win on FIFA to cheer me up and a download of Trials HD which is a joy. I'm thinking of getting Batman though. The reviews are coming in good.

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