Friday, August 21, 2009

Scan time

Today sums out why it's ace to be a dad. First up, to be woken up with a Lightning McQueen car in your face is funny, but to then be greeted with 'Come on Daddy, let's play' is another. If you don't get up within a couple of seconds you get another 'Come on Daddy', with a pull of the duvet. It doesn't matter if the clock reads 6.23am. You're up, and there's nothing you can do about it.

This morning my wife and I had to take Harry to the hospital. Y'see Bev is now three months pregnant and it was the first scan. Off we popped to that ultrasound department of Peterborough hospital with Harry to check it out. Fortunately all is good. Bev is just over 12 weeks gone and Harry now things there is a baby in not just mummy's tummy, but daddy's and his, too. Watching him lift his T-shirt and saying 'baby in my tummy' is very cute. Even funnier is the fact that he runs to the toilet to pretend to be sick like mummy. The Baby No.2 adventure starts here. More to come in the following weeks but for now I need to pick my Fantasy League team for the weekend. Most men would agree that this is The Most Important Thing To Do this weekend.

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