Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I've finally succumbed. Not to watching Come Dancing, but to buying something off Xbox Arcade. The arcade gem that was Track and Field from Konami has recently been made available and I've got it for 400 points, what that is in REAL money I can't remember. But it's not REAL money buying games with points is it? I'm not going to become skint if I keep doing it am I? That's the danger.
So, I've played two games online, won one and lost one. The long jump jumping is a nightmare with my dodgy controller, and the high jump is as infuriating as it's always been. But it's still got those lovely grainy voices - 'On your marks!' and 'FOUL!'. The latter usually when I cock up the high jump.
See you online at some point - look out for me, I'm Tiny1976.

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