Friday, October 12, 2007

On came the green light of my 360 tonight for the SECOND NIGHT IN A ROW. Call of Duty 2 will be finished soon, if I can get past the bloody D-Day level. I'm losing my touch, I used to be alright at GoldenEye.

As for old TV adverts, remember this for Super Mario Bros. 3? Now, I live in the UK, but this was definitely shown during ad breaks, and this is what made me start thinking about getting a NES. I never ACTUALLY got one, I joined the ranks of Nintendo with the Game Boy brick and the Super NES, but you never forget a TV ad like that.

For any 30-something fans of games you may even remember Mean Machines, the all-format consoles mag of the early 90s. Well, if you do, you might wanna take a trip down memory lane over here Talking of which, I used to have every issue of MM, 'til my dad cleared out his loft and binned the lot.

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