Monday, April 21, 2008

You're fired!

If only th designer of the Okami Wii packshot was in The Apprentice. He wouldn't have lasted long. Using a piece of IGN artwork WITH THE WATERMARK STILL ON IT as the main image AND THEN LETTING IT GO TO PRESS is a disaster. Check it out over at GameLife.
Back on the blog after a few days and there's loads to tell you. I finally managed to get some hours on Call of Duty 4 single-player. I can't get past the missile silo level. In fact I can't even get in the missile silo compound. I'm getting nailed. At the entrance. Back to the drawing board on that one. Or GameFAQs. Ha.
Played one of the new record-breaking Call of Duty download maps on Friday night - the TV station one. What a map! Bloody big though…
Last night I grabbed a best-of-three on Pro Evo 6 against a mate. Despite only being about 18 months old it looks awful, when compared to the new one, though at least there's no lag when you play it online.
I've also been back on eBay hunting down some classic games. I almost bid on a SNES copy of Chrono Trigger which was going for over 100 notes. Then I came to my senses and remembered I have a baby son to provide for.
Being a gaming dad I've now got a big dilemma to overcome, and that's whether to blow money on GTA IV. I've hardly had time to play CoD4, but it's like Rockstar are tantalising me with their new ad. The guy is staring at me saying: 'You need to buy me'. Quite how I will get the time to play this, I don't know. I might wait awhile. Christ, I've even got Orange Box, Lego Star Wars and Ghost Recon 2 upstairs to nail yet. A friend of mine said: "It's one of those games you can have a blast on for ten minutes." I wish I HAD ten minutes spare when it's not taken up with work, looking after my son, catching up on good TV and reading the new awesome Empire with their ace cover.

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