Friday, August 08, 2008

On your marks, get set…

Today sees the start of the Olympics in Beijing. I don't know what the official game of The Games is like, but it's probably not a great leap from Track and Field and Hyper Sports back in the early '80s, and not as fun as them either, if Metacritic is anything to go by.
I remember first setting eyes on Track and Field during a summer camping holiday in Cornwall in 1984. There was this bloke busting a sweat on the hurdles, and he was ace. Every holiday after that we HAD to find Track and Field to have a go. My mum even managed to do the long jump down in Weston-Super-Mare. The day when I found a Track and Field arcade cabinet with a joystick in Southend's Pier Hill was heaven. Now I could get world record attempts every time. If you go anywhere near Hunstanton, near King's Lynn, you'll find Track and Field for 20p in one of the very few arcades left on the seafront.
An old blog mentioned the Amstrad version of Track and Field. Well, I've found screenshots. And if anyone gets turned on by magazines (not that variety!) check out the latest cover of Retro Gamer. Pretty.

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