Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bag of Sensi

I've been waiting on fresh new of Sensible World of Soccer for light years. First it was a summer release, then October, now it's finally lacing up its pixellated boots for a December launch. Game on.
I can't confess to have been any good but I distinctly remember beating the computer 8-1 once. God knows how that score sticks in my mind. I remember saving the goals with a tap on the spacebar. Awesome.
I've been waiting for news on whether the Xbox Live version is gonna be any good and stay faithful to the Amiga classic. Finally I've found some and all is going to be good. I can't wait for the little ref to strut up to me brandishing his little red card.
Follow that last link and you'll find an awesome clothing company who make some smart gaming threads, if you're a bit of a gaming geek like me. Check out the CVG Store and you'll see a good friend of mine who works on His name's Michael Jackson and he's a quality games journalist. He's mental about 'em.


BadgerGravling said...

Isn't there a demo on Xbox Live already? Or is that just video?

Tim said...

There's a video last time I looked.