Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pro Evolution?

I picked up a £20 copy of Pro Evolution Soccer last week on Play.com. A true bargain if ever there was one for a game that reviews, across the board, weren't slating.
Seeing as it had 'evolution' in the title I thought it would at least be more than just an annhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifual update, so I jumped in. Big mistake. Compared with some dream games online (Call of Duty 4 being one of them) it's almost unplayable. One minute I was running down the wing, the next the ball is in the centre circle, before cutting back to the wing, by which time I've run the ball out for a goal kick. Pathetic.
Apparently the online lag is going to be sorted out with an update. Great. You haven't had a year to do this game. FIFA's is a dream compared with this. I'm even considering selling it on eBay after just three games.
Elsehwere, I noticed Nintendo has decided to stop advertising the Wii in the UK 'cos you can't find one for love nor money. They're changing hands on eBay for over a grand apparently. Shame I haven't got one, I'd be doing the same and spending the money on some of this clobber.

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