Monday, December 17, 2007

Blast from the past

Has it really been nearly a week since my last post? Seven days is nearly up in he blogosphere and I feel slightly embarrassed posting again to my blog. Sorry, blog.
To be honest, I've been trying to find some other blogs to link to. I hear this is a sure-fire way of spreading the word and bouncing your blog up the charts. Sounds good to me.
One of the best I found was a blog by Gary Harrod, famous for his artwork on classic UK's console magazine of the early 90s, Mean Machines. I've mentioned this groundbreaking magazine elsewhere in Virtual Boy but it's great to hear how some of this stuff was made. Check it out over at Gary's Gossip. Also, if you're a fan of Mean Machines then check out the Facebook page called Bring Back Jaz Rignall and Mean Machines.
Back to the here and now, I got a bit dewy-eyed earlier today as I dug out the last ever Nintendo Official Magazine (NOM) that I worked on as editor before Future took over the license. It was actually out two years ago this month and it was great to reminisce. My last ever feature was The Games of 2005 and I'll sort out some scans for you to read over the Christmas break. It certainly made me chuckle and wonder what classic games purchase I'll be buying next.
Tomorrow I was due for some C0D4 action, which hasn't been on for a while, but I'm off to see The Golden Compass. Empire, the UK's best movie mag, slagged it off and as a massive fan of His Dark Materials I've obviously been dying to get to see this. Full verdict on Wednesday.

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