Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm a sucker

Working on NOM you got to see some cool, crazy stuff. The Zelda Box, for the launch of The Wind Waker on GameCube, is one of my prize possessions, even though I can't read Japanese. Why don't they do this kind of stuff over here? Then there was the tiny mobile straps for tons of Nintendo classics and those oh-so-sweet limited edition Game Boy Advances.
But when a friend of mine told me that you could buy a Boo plush from Super Mario World on eBay I couldn't believe my eyes. Was it worth shelling out hard-earned money on something that, really, I don't need? I'm still wondering whether to get one, but you can hear his ghostly cackle if you put your ear close to your computer screen. Banpresto, I salute you!

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