Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's not a Minish Cap

While I sit and suffer with a cough and bunged-up nose brought about by either someone coughing in my face at my Christmas party on Friday night, or through too much alcohol consumption, I thought I would update my blog, especially seeing as I’ve taken inspiration from reading this at Dubious Quality.
Outside these blog walls are new screens of GTA IV DLC even though I should be blocked from viewing them seeing as I’ve put in few hours on Rockstar’s finest, a cheaper Bomberman Live from today (BUY! BUY!) and news of a new PSP to launch next year.
But without doubt the coolest piece of gaming news is this piece of Zelda papercraft. You can actually put this on your head and run around like you’re Link. Just don’t wear it and go out in the garden to chop up your wife’s hedges – you won’t find any hidden money, just a world of grief.

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