Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nintendo are pukka!

The other night my missus was on the phone to her best mate who was celebrating her birthday. The conversation went something like this:
Missus: ‘Oh wow, you’ve got a WII!’
Friend: *Excitement at the other end*
Missus: ‘Tim, my friend’s got a Wii! Oh, wait a sec…’
Friend: *Excitement at the other end*
Missus: ‘Make that a DS. Have you got Brain Training [to friend]’
Friend: *Excitement at the other end*
Missus: ‘I LOVE Brain Training, especially Sudoku. Have you seen that Jamie Oliver game? You’ve got the Jamie Oliver game?! WOW!’

In a nutshell that just shows how popular Nintendo has become, demographically shifting, but still supporting the hardcore gamer. Jamie Oliver and Brain Training on the one hand, Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy selling out on the other. Three, four, even five years ago, that conversation would never have taken place. It would have been deemed too geeky. And that’s the pull of Nintendo today.
Sadly I see that Imagine have closed N-Revolution, while Amazon are still selling Professor Layton for £60. I’ve used this store checker to find Nintendo games cheaper, even if this is a quality offer. Oh, and if you didn't know Ghostbusters is heading our way next year.

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