Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rock banned?

By the power of Twitter I’ve discovered a great new blog called Gaming Never Sleeps. Loved the reviews of games that Jeff’s played in 2008 and the honest look at the likes of World At War and GTA IV. He’s also going to get into Braid in a big way.
First thing this morning I got a phone call this morning from an old Nintendo Official Magazine colleague saying his Guitar Hero III and pair of Gibson Les Paul guitars isn’t going out on loan to its original recipient, so he was rocking up to Media Towers to hand over the goods UNTIL THE END OF JANUARY. I sent a link to the missus to say what we’ll be playing over Christmas. I’ve yet to hear back.
Heading out of here at lunchtime I noticed the office Wii was on with one of the golf chaps giving Wii Sports Golf a run out. I didn’t stop long, but made a mental note to get a Wii, even if it is just for Sports, Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda, the latter especially before this happens.
Ever since I saw Xbox on launch day I’ve resisted the urge to jump into Halo, but seeing this price-slashing announcement on CVG I think I’ll be jumping behind the controls of a Warthog, even if I am 6 1/2 years late to the party.

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Dan Thornton said...

Halo 3. Co-op. Rules.

Halo 1 and 2 are well worth it for the single player storyline - 1 is the standout for the atmosphere...