Friday, December 19, 2008

Play that funky music

My missus will be addicted to this over Christmas, so while my original DS is free to use I finally got down to some Elite Beat Agents action last night while she was out at *lost count* Christmas party.
The poor fella has been sitting in my Games I Must Play pile for a few weeks, gently shivering in the cold and weeping when I reach for the 360 controller next to it. But last night I unwrapped the DS goodness, admired the Club Nintendo certificate (are they still doing this stuff?), clipped it into my metallic, heavier DS and enjoyed a good hour getting jiggy with Sk8ter Boi, YMCA and Material Girl. I felt quite manly, if you must know.
I remember getting this game in for our imported games pages in Nintendo Official Magazine a few years ago. Big In Japan had all kinds of crazy stuff over a couple of spreads each month – pictures from Akihabara, Cosplay and the latest releases. Strangely, I didn’t bother with the game when it came out, but I wish I’d got into this a long time ago.
While rhythm action titles tend to come complete band kits these days, this pop- feast suits the DS perfectly as you tap, glide and tap-tap-tap to the funky sounds. They’ve thrown in some funny stories of various characters you have to save – babysitter, film director, sailor – to give the game about an ounce more depth, though the comic book-style presentation is smart and the leader of the Elite Beat Agents reminded me of Phoenix Wright.
The problem is, I’m terrible at these games. I’ve managed no higher than a grade C on any of the first eight scenarios I played. I even failed one story and had to replay it. More over the weekend while my DS has got the chance before SUDOKU takes over.

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